The Caregiver Career Support and Development Initiative was created to address three critical needs in the healthcare industry.

ONE – Low caregiver retention rates costing businesses thousands each year

TWO – Lack of fundamental caregiver training leaves employers open to potential liability and care recipients open to unsafe care practices.

THREE – Caregiving services are the future of senior healthcare. Organizations offering the highest quality care will flourish and provide a vital service to those wishing to age in place.

Our program has been designed to meet the needs of employers by making it easier to identify, hire, and retain quality caregivers you can trust. But loyal, trustworthy, competent caregiving is a two-way street.

The staggering employee turnover in the industry occurs in part because of the low bar for entry. With few requirements on caregiver qualifications and low wages, the industry remains on the outskirts of our healthcare system despite the ongoing increasing need for safe, competent, and compassionate care.

Until the value of caregivers and caregiving services are recognized, our goal is to provide grass-roots support to the system by working as a cohesive team of provider organizations, caregivers, mentors, and trainers to develop a consistent flow of quality care at the most reasonable price possible.

To do so will require an investment by all parties – and a living wage for caregivers. Today’s caregivers are doing some of our society’s most important work and are grossly underpaid for their efforts.

Understanding the difficult position of organizations providing services, we set out to create a system that works for everyone.

CCSDI Employer Participation Process

  1. Employers and apprentices register for Apprenticeship Institute’s US Department of Labor Caregiver to Certified Nurse Aide Registered Apprenticeship.

  2. Apprentices participate in 60 hours of comprehensive uncertified caregiver training delivered as a two-week class or one day per week over 10 weeks.

  3. AI connects apprentices to employers if not already working as a caregiver. Apprentices begin full-time employment.

  4. Apprentices begin 120 hours of CNA-related training and instruction in the classroom and skills lab setting. They meet for one or two 6-hour days per week for 20 weeks.

  5. Apprentices complete their CNA training and certification exam preparation.

  6. Apprentices pass the State of Michigan CNA certification exam.

  7. Individuals working for Caregiving Organizations also employing CNAs transition to CNA work. Those working for Caregiving Organizations that do not employ CNAs will be placed with a CNA employer to complete their 2000 hours of on-the-job training.  Apprenticeship Institute will then re-fill the Caregiving Organization’s caregiver position with a new employee to ensure an uninterrupted employee base within the organization.  * Participants have the option to participate in caregiver training only.

  8. Apprentices continue to accrue, and document 2000 hours of combined caregiver and CNA supervised on-the-the-job training.

  9. Apprenticeship Institute submits apprenticeship completion documents to the Department of Labor.

  10. Apprenticeship Institute submits apprenticeship completion documents to the Department of Labor.

  11. Apprentices receive US Department of Labor Apprenticeship Certificate of Completion.

For more information on how your organization can participate in the CCSDI please call us at 810-241-5240 or email