The Apprenticeship Institute and partners recieved a half-million dollar grant from the Michigan Health Endowment Fund for the purpose of developing and implementing CNA training and US Department of Labor apprenticeships in ten Michigan counties. The Initiative was created to address two critical needs in today’s long-term-care industry.

ONE – Low retention rates costing businesses thousands each year

TWO – The Covid-19 pandemic has further exacerbated employer challenges related to recruitment

Our program has been designed to meet the needs of employers by making it easier to identify, hire, and retain quality CNAs you can trust.

Understanding the difficult position of organizations providing services, we set out to create a system that works for everyone.

We provide:

  1. Recruitment
  2. US DOL metric tracking and reporting
  3. Training through a licensed vocational program
  4. Mentoring

As a US Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship Intermediary, we work with employers in need of apprenticeship programs and the recruitment and retention benefits they bring.

For more information on how your organization can participate please call us at 800-516-7579 or email