GoFundMe is a great way to raise the money for your tuition if you are unable to pay out of pocket. The video below will walk you through creating your GoFundMe. When you’re finished with the video check out the sample information we’ve provided you so people looking at your GoFundMe page will understand why they should fund your training and apprenticeship.

Sample Text

Hi, my name is ———————. I created this Go-Fund-Me because I really want to become a nurse. Nursing school is VERY expensive, but a Certified Nurse Aide apprenticeship with Apprenticeship Institute costs only $3000.  With an apprenticeship, I will be hired by an employer before I start training. I will work for that employer while I’m in training and will commit to working for that employer for at least 2000 hours.

My training will include: Certified Nurse Aide Certification, CPR/First Aid, Dementia Care Certification, certification exam preparation and support, and they even pay for my certification exam. 

Plus! Most employers these days are desperate for good Certified Nurse Aides. Nurse aides are in such high demand, most employers will pay for me to further my nursing education up to becoming a full Registered Nurse.

Thank you in advance for considering a donation to my Fund. Your donation will allow me to ‘pay it forward’ by being the best nurse I can be.