The Apprenticeship Institute Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair program prepares students to sit for Automobile Service Excellence G1 Certification. Successful completers will have the skills necessary to begin work as a tech at quick repair shops such as Jiffy Lube, or as an entry-level employee at an auto repair shop or auto dealer service department.

Participants receive short pre-apprenticeship training to prepare them to work as an apprentice with an employer. This pre-apprenticeship training provides participants with the core knowledge they need to be an apprentice in this environment such as shop safety, soft skills, and a general introduction to auto maintenance.

Following the pre-apprenticeship, participants interview with our employer partners for a paid apprenticeship position where they will work full time and attend related training and instruction one day a week. Employers will build on the classroom related training with their own on-the-job training that will prepare participants to sit for the Automobile Service Excellence GI examination.

Many employers will provide the opportunity for further training and certification in the field, up to Master Mechanic Certification.

What do Auto Maintenance and Light Repair techs do on the job?

Graduates of the program will spend their days maintaining vehicles by providing bumper-to-bumper maintenance and light repairs in the critical areas of engine systems, automatic transmission/transaxle, manual drive train and axles, suspension & steering, brakes, electrical, and heating & air conditioning. 

Is this program right for me?

You may be a good candidate for this program if:

  • You enjoy working with your hands
  • Problem-solving is fun for you
  • You have basic computer skills
  • You’re looking for a career with potential for growth

Complete the Application to see if you qualify for training.