Our most recent Certified Nurse Aide grads say….

“I liked school because it was a good and new experience for me and I always wanted to work in the medical field. It taught me to work better as a team. I liked the school because my class encouraged each other to do better. It was a good opportunity to grow and to better yourself. You can excel in any job with proper training and dedication.”
~ S.L.
“I liked school because it was an opportunity to learn and grow. It helped me better myself and to be able to provide more for my children. And because my daughter saw what I did and what I learned, she decided to take the class herself!”
~ L.A.  
“I loved this class. I’ve been trying to get into the medical field for years now and I’ve finally gotten it. It’s everything I wanted and our instructor is such a great teacher.  And I believe that this class should go on to give other people a chance.  I wanted a change of career. That’s why I chose this class. It’s GREAT!”
~ Ms. Brown
“I really liked this CNA class. One reason why I appreciate this class is because it is 10 weeks long.  The class being ten weeks long was a plus because once the class was over, I was confident that I could pass the State tests….Another reason why I like the class is that it coincided with my children’s school hours.  When my children didn’t have school, neither did I and for us with young ones, that is truly a blessing.”
“This was a good experience.  I’m glad I had the chance to be in the first class.  Seeing everything and getting hands-on experience. I loved how well the class is instructed and organized. Everything was provided – scrubs, shoes, and equipment.”
~ A. Homesly